TEXT TOPIC: Did your friend over stay their welcome?

friend & 4 kids lived w/me for 1 week, I went nuts! I was Comatose on the couch the day they left my 1 bedroom apartment

helped out a friend because his mom kicked him out. He lost his job so he stayed on my couch for 7 month. Never once helped pay for food of any bills.

let my friend, her husband and four children stay for five weeks that turned into five months! I had a 1400 sq ft home at the time and I had two kids!

let my BFs friend live w/ us after he was kicked out. He slept on my couch for over three months. Clothes all over the floor because he didn''t have a closet. Bought himself food and hid them and then ate all of our food. Horrible. Made my BF kick him out. Never again.

had a friend that was getting clean. I didn’t trust her, hubby said give her a chance. She needed somewhere for a couple weeks. Reluctantly I agreed. 2 months later she was placing applications for jobs using our address. We talked to her and she said to give her a month. 2 weeks later she left, abruptly and stealing from us. Hubby now listens when I say no.

My husband and I let a friends girlfriend move in for about 6 months.. she became a friend, we thought. My husband works a crazy night schedule at times, so our friend and his girlfriend would hang at my house all the time. Long short she told our friend my husband was abusive to me and I was scared of him. I didn’t know that was said and he told my husband.. my husband almost left me over this. also she thought my husband liked her and said he made her uncomfortable.. ugh bad all around!

when I was 16 my dad’s friend moved in for a month he was there for 6 but when he told me I should drop out and find a sugar daddy my mom kicked him out. It's been 8 years and he's still not allowed over.

Told friend he could stay for 2 months while on leave from army. Went awol and couldn’t get him out. He only left when I turned him in to the army

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