TEXT TOPIC: What was the LAST STRAW for you?

What was the LAST STRAW for you?

my ex was a Cheater and like a dummy I always forgave him. I was pregnant with our last child and found out he had given me an std. I filed for divorce that same week

quit a job after being offered a $3/hr raise. The manager had scheduled me to work during finals, which I had requested off a month before

my wife and I like to gamble occasionally. I found out my wife was gambling and became an addiction or her to gamble. There was therapy, patient days but a year ago....

my gambling wife had gambled our home that was given to us by her father before he past away. We lost the home and that was the final straw.

After breaking up multiple times for finding text messages to other women, the final was finding pictures of a naked woman pleasuring herself. He claimed it was a scam. But the pictures were there for a couple of days

my ex is an alcoholic, my last straw was when he stopped drinking alcohol and started on Nyquil to get his high. I filled divorce papers shortly after that.

my ex roomie pushed me which was my last straw with them. I now have a continuous protective order & own of all his junk which he lost per court

My nephews wedding luncheon, we sat down at a table close by my nephew, my sister came up and said "you need to move this is reserved for family" last straw

Hubby's Uncle used my daughter's death as a business bargaining chip. I freaked! We moved out less than 24 hours later

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