TEXT TOPIC: What was your loser moment in high school?

I was totally that weirdo that’s scratched your head to see the dandruff all on the desk and fell asleep and drooled on the desk

played junior varsity volleyball as a SENIOR. #awkward

girls used to lock me out of the locker room so I couldn't change and ended up getting in trouble everyday for being late to classing

Got caught picking my nose and one kid told the teacher and she started to make fun of me in front of whole class

When I was a freshman, I was walking from seminary to campus, and a group of seniors picked me up and threw me in a dumpster. Same group also put me in 2 other trash cans in the school. I’m a girl.

Frankie, I don't feel bad about your sock. When I looked down, it was my undies sticking out

When I was in high school we went on a trip to the city and county building and I was with my friends on crutches following a surgery and one of my friends decided to pants me. It was so humiliating

started my period in white pants..and had to walk home...#worsedayever

late for class on my first day and the school bully kicked my legs out from behind me while i was running to class , books everywhere

literally had 2 friends & they were always gone on the same day. For lunch I'd go to the computer room to do detention make up I didn't even need.

two best friends had the opposite lunch from me so I would try to have my dad come get me for lunch, if he couldn't I would go hide so no one saw

The girls on the drill team didn't like me. They started rumors about me and the coach believed them and kicked me off the team.

Every time we had to pair off or get in groups in class my heart would sink. I was never chosen. The teacher would have to ask the group if I could join them.

my high school loser story, I use to eat lunch by myself in the hallway because I didn't have any friends up until senior year.

I was walking fast to class and tripped over my untied shoe laces. Fell in the busiest hall in front of hundreds of students. Worse part, I spilled my can of soda all over my white shirt and pants. Bunch of kids laughed but no one offered to help. Worst day ever.

laughing so hard with friends got bloody nose in the middle of class

Sophomore I just moved to a new school in health class I sneezed & farted at the same time

On a hot day out on the track, I sat down with the popular clique to try & fit in. When I got up I didn’t realize I sat in chewed gum. It was stringing off my behind as I walked away & they all laughed

didn''t get asked to prom. I had a boyfriend but he took this cheerleader instead. Jokes on them I make 6 figures now he maybe makes 25k a year

only dances all through high school I went to were girls choice.

was so nervous to ask my classmates to sign my yearbook. So, I signed my own yearbook and signed it with the popular kids names

Had bad acne, for two years they called me zitsofrenic

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