TEXT TOPIC: What was your worst job, ever?

I was a telemarketer. I would hang up if they didn't answer on the first ring. I was let go. Lol

I worked at an outbound call center. They would get time zones mixed up and we would be calling people at 11:00 at night! It was awful. I can't blame them for being mad

Worst job was rental cars at the International Airport. Everybody wants the Jaguar for the cost of the Corolla, not happening. You paying more is what pays my bills.

I worked cleaning hotel rooms. A lot of construction workers stay over. They don’t know how to rinse showers out or clean the chew that they spit out.

I did temp work in a potato chip factory picking out the bad ones as they come down the conveyor belt. I watched this woman that would constantly shove the chips in her mouth and one girl lost her band aid while working.

Worst job call center asking who people are voting for in upcoming pres. elec. we were calling people in FL that were just hit by hurricanes. I got cursed at so many times. No thank you. Quit the next day.

I dug trenches for coaxial cable for 6 days when I was 16; my boss offered me a beer and drove after drinking a few himself.

My first job I worked at a daycare. My boss always had us over ratio, refused to buy us supplies, made us work overtime, etc. She was breaking so many laws, but I had no idea until I moved to a new daycare center.

I worked as bus boy for an Asian restaurant. I worked one day. I had the choice to take a smoke break or scrub tar off cement safety pole out back. I chose the latter and quit the next day.

Worst job was data entry for insurance agency. Managers did not know how to manage and the company needed to get their sh*t together. Some days we sat at desks doing absolutely nothing for 8 hrs.

I worked when you wore headphones & performance fleece was huge! Always getting screamed @ over stupid fleece & 2 find the right size! Damn fleece

Chuck E Cheese, dressing up as the sweaty mouse costume

I worked at a title loan Co. The lever was a scammer and slept with employees

I worked one day at an outbound call center in Layton. Never went back. People barefoot, some in pajamas, some look sketch. And turns out, people get pissed when you call them to do surveys.

I had two horrible jobs. One was cleaning a big corporation’s office not going to say who, but a bunch of stick ups. Haha the second was working during the summer at a Boy Scout camp. Those kids were nasty hahaha left after the 3rd week.

Hauling heavy equipment for a family owned company. They care about one family and it wasn't mine.

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