TEXT TOPIC: When did your kid hurt your feelings?

When did your kid hurt your feelings? 

My 3 year old son just yelled "you’re stupid" and I put him in time out in his room and he came out saying he’s sorry so I said why did you say that and in this sad quiet voice that he does, he goes "because you’re stupid".

asked my two year old if she loved me, she paused as if thinking, then said "no". Ouch!

after my teen daughters dance recital last week she asked if I saw turn and I told her I was trying to get pictures so don’t think I did. She then said I’ll just ask my friend I know HE pays attention. #TeensAreMean

1st time my son told me he hated me when disciplining it hurt. Now I say I don't care if you hate or love me, it's my responsibility to raise you

my son told me his favorite Christmas was the ONE he spent with his dead beat father what about the other 13 I gave you?? Smiled through the gut punch!

Right after I had my last baby my friends daughter asked if I was having another one. I said no probably not, why?. She said oh, I was just wondering because you’re pretty chubby while looking me up and down.

my son told me last weekend for the first time that he'd rather see a certain movie with his friends. Teenagers suck.

my 8 yr old son was so excited for Santa s workshop at school. He took $20 of saved up money and got his dad and others a gift but not me his mom. My feelings were hurt but I didn’t say anything.

dropped my son off this weekend to his mom's. He went in the house without saying goodbye. Then when he calls his mom's bf dad. I'm dad!

My son was smoking weed and making wrong choices. Got kicked out. Before he left he told me I made him feel unimportant. Tough love hurts

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