TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text? April 17, 2018

For Passive aggressive Tues, To my workmate, TURN OFF YOUR SOUND WHEN USING IM!!!!!!!

passive aggressive: stop micromanaging me! I am really good at what I do, trust me to be great.

to all drivers out there please stop driving like it's your first time in the snow. #annoying

How about you pay the women the same salary as the guys that do half the work!! We want money!!!!!!

stop throwing your cig butts all over the ground it's gross and trashy not all of us want to be mistaken for west valley white trash d bag

don't complain about the mess of the house, husband, it's called clutter cuz we have 7ppl living in a 1,000 square feet. Buy a bigger house!

hey gossip girls in the office, how about you mind your own beeswax and do your f'ing jobs. We all hate your guts!

to my boss with your platinum blond hair and slurping your teeth. You’re a control freak and make decisions based on your need to feel the power. I hope the doctors see the real you very soon. Maybe I’ll help with that ?

to my friend stop chewing your gum with your mouth open and only using your front teeth it buggggggs

you are an adult, as your boss I expect that you do your job but go a head and blame me for getting written up.

mother in law No you can t raise my child you didn’t even raise you own kid

it’s so rude when you sit on your phone when we have having our morning meeting and so disrespectful, I am not sure if your chatting with some other girl while you have a wife and a kid at home. Maybe it would help you if you shower too.

hey Tracey we all know you weren't sick yesterday especially when you showed up after work to make a deposit

how about you get your own place and pay for your own bills then tell me about "the struggle"...

Everyone at work is sick of your crap, you accidentally say grope instead of the group to all the girls and you re creepy as fuh, &everyone thinks so

my brother-in-law and his wife recently separated. I knew that was coming because she's a raging *insert chosen word*. I'm happy your alone nut job!

I want my sister in law and her boyfriend to move the hell out of my house already!!

you're an idiot for staying with that man. He's just using you. Don't come crying to me when his true colors show

thanks for screwing me out of $3500 by filing taxes first and claiming our child even though we both know it's my year to claim them.

skanky beeotch.. stop sleeping with the managers, and do some work! You already show up late EVERY day! No one likes you K!!

managing grown men to pay their dues...#beanadult

to my coworker would stop eating all day long. The sound of you eating makes me want to stab myself in the eardrum with a rusty needle.

hey, world...it's "I saw" not "I seen"....you didn't "seen" anything, learn some damn English!!!!!!!

stop pretending like being a mom is so hard when you drop off your kids at your in-laws from Thursday to Sunday night

how about you not call in with a headache or your tired weekly pull up your big girl panties and come to work

dear work peeps, our boss is gone. Let's adapt to change. Move on, she isn't coming back.

please stop saying I'm funny you are annoying and if you really are funny other people should be telling you that you sound like a jackass it's like you

Mr. Boss, I can disappear for 5-10 minutes at work without you passing back and forth in front of the bathroom calling my name and asking everyone where I am

A dumb bitch who just cut in front of everyone at Alta View Elementary- at least pull the eff forward so everyone can drop off!!

you hit my chair one more time with that drawer, I'm going to slam your head in it , have some damn courtesy and say excuse me.

just because you come to work with a pissy attitude doesn't mean everyone else here has to be miserable. Watch yourself B!!!!

saw myself cut out of the family picture on your computer screen. No. The computer didn't automatically cut me out perfect.

Get off your phone at work! Not only do you need to be working, but no one wants to hear all your crap!!

yes, I see the email thread you sent me, I don't need a sending email from you telling me you sent me an email, stop!!!!

don't brag about your vacation then say "I wish you could have made it!" when you know we weren't invited.

To my brother in law, you are not the center of the universe and your not big and bad you are just a steroid raged meathead. Get over yourself.

dear neighbor. Quit throwing beer cans in my tree. I have house cameras next time I'll call the cops

Get the F out of moms house. U, ur loser hubby & 5 kids seem to b able to afford everything u want - except rent. Get ur own damn place & stop taking trips & buying whatever the hell u want. Grow the F up. And I HATE ur loser husband.

you're dumb, of course, he loves me after 18yrs and will always think if me. U should hear all the bad things he says about you.

stop being a bridezilla! Why ask my opinion then you do what you want anyway. Stop it!

hey, Adam, you do a truck inspection twice a day every day so why the f do I find shiz wrong with your truck when I drive it

hey mom: if I have to hear about your hemorrhoids, constipation and falling uterus one more time I'm going to set myself on fire. Stop being gross!!!

your dbag boyfriend just did about $1500 damage in minutes to your stuff from his temper, don't get pissy at us for being worried he'll do it to u someday

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