TEXT TOPIC: It's TAX DAY! Are you getting money back or do you owe??

It's TAX DAY! Are you getting money back or do you owe??

We got back 8600 this year. But we are also a single income family and we have more than 4 people in our family. Just to be a little vague. and I made less than 44,000 for the year

owed for 2016 so my return for 2017 paid back everything i owed for 2016 and still got a couple hundred back.

got our return of $5000 back in February. It was gone in 9 days. Ballin.

owe $3700

Just found out we owe $10,200 on our federal taxes

getting just under 5000. VACAY! Jk I'll be paying off school loans for all eternity.

fam member got at least $5000 back, it's all gone now. And their struggling all over. And asking me for help!

owe 3300 total! First year I have owed!

my wife is getting a little over $5,000! Cabo here we come!!!!!!!!

Getting 3K back from federal, but owe the state $1.00. Yes, I will be writing a check for $1.00. How does that make sense?

owe $7000. Yikes.

owed $24 freaking dollars!!

$4000 to eff-in IRS! #hateunclesam

just got married in Nov, me and my husband between the 2 of us made a little over 90,000 we got 15k we paid off all our debt

getting back 14,000. 8k of that will pay off back taxes. YES!!

getting back $5.62 on taxes but it's the first year in a long time that we didn't owe. Dollar menu here we come awe yeah diggity!

for the first time in years we DIDN'T owe. Yay! Getting over six grand back and taking our kids to Disneyland!

Get 800 from the Fed's owe the State 800.

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