TEXT TOPIC: How long has it been since you paid your taxes?

My 24 y/of daughter refuses to file; and she won't tomorrow either. Doesn't want to pay penalties. Tried to warn her but she won't listen. Ugh, kids

My daughters biological father never files his taxes because his tax returns are supposed to be paid to me for back child support. He hasn’t filed in5-6 years

MIL ex said he filed taxes each year. When he finally moved out she found 8 years of unfilled taxes in a cabinet.

My old friend and co-worker has not paid taxes in years. In fact since he moved to this country I don’t think he has ever pay taxes. He told us that when the IRS finally catches up to him he would just move back to his home country and that’s exactly what he did when they finally came after him

My dad hasn’t done his taxes in 18 years. It’s finally getting a tax attorney right now to try to figure everything out. He is married and has to put everything in his wife’s name because he knows that once it comes out to lose it all. And he acts like he has so much money and has everything

Pay your taxes! A family members husband refused to pay taxes. He was older, dying and she had to sell everything to keep him out of prison. So sad to see her with nothing in the end

Hubbys ex wife hasn't filed taxes in 6 years because because she owes over 40k in unpaid child support and medical payments.

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