Khloe Kardashian's fan's are coming at Tristan Thompson on his instagram

Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on his pregnant girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian. Since then she has had the baby, and Tristan has posted a pic (below) with some cool sunglasses on. *insert eye roll* 

Khole's fan's are coming after Tristan on his Instagram post. Below are some of the best comments. 


I hope someone takes a scooter to your ankle.

I hope every time you go to pour some milk it’s past its use by date.

I hope you only get 8 nuggets in a 9 pack.

I hope you read all these comments.

I hope you lose the tv remote and when you get up to look for it, you realize you were sitting on it the whole time.

I hope every time you get a flat tire that your spare tire is flat as well.

I hope your barber sneezes each time he is giving you a fresh cut and messes up your hairline.

I hope you get an eyelash stuck in your eye every day.

I hope you always stub your big toe on the dresser.

I hope each time you wave back at a child they say “I wasn’t waving at you” and give you the middle finger.

I hope you get kidnapped and no one will wanna pay for ransom.

I hope that every time you try to sneeze it doesn't ever come.

I hope your toothpaste drops off of your toothbrush into the sink every morning. 

I hope The Kardashians use you as a piñata at their birthdays. 

I hope every piece of clothing you wear has an itchy tag. 

I hope every night you dream you're on the toilet and pee the bed.

I hope every time you get McDonald’s they forget your hash brown.

I hope every soda you drink is already shaken up.

I hope your remote is on the other side of the room when Netflix says “still watching?”

I hope when you're on a bus, you move your bag to let the person sit next to you but they keep walking to the spare seat next to someone else behind you.

I hope every time you take a shower you realize you forgot a towel & you’re already wet.

I hope that every time you sneeze you pee a little.

I hope there's only one mint in your Doublemint gum.

I hope you have somewhere you need to be in the morning, and its downpouring rain outside, and when you get in your car your windshield wipers refuse to work.

I hope everytime someone comes into your room, they go out and leave the door open and the light on.

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