TEXT TOPIC: What did your kid say or do that was creepy?

What did your kid say or do that was creepy?

my mother in law passed away 3 days ago. Last night My 2 year old sat up in bed pointing up to the ceiling saying Grammy Grammy!

on day my niece said she "was playing with her little brother" Little brother wouldn't be born for a few more years.

My son kept telling me about the man with the hat he would see at night. I used to see him when I was little. I told my mom and she said she used to see him. =(

my baby sister used to always ask why Ashley always wants to play at night. No big deal, until we found out a girl named Ashley used to live in our house

my son says the girl in his room got mad at him because he didn't let her play with his toys. Got an emf reader it goes nuts when he says he talks to her

my 7 year old niece said there's a little girl in her room that tells her to jump out of the window.

When I was babysitting for my Neighbor, I just put their son down to go to bed. About a half hour later I heard him scream bloody murder, I ran to his room and opened the door and he was standing and pointing at the wall screaming. It was so creepy when I picked him up and he wouldn’t stop looking at the one wall.

driving past a cemetery my 4 yr old daughter said that where grandpa lives sure enough we're passing his grave she never met him he died when my hubby was 3

One night while laying in bed with my bf at the time, we were talking about our day with the lights off and eyes closed. After we got done chatting,I rolled over and had the feeling that I was being watched. I opened my eyes and saw my two year old daughter glowing from the blue light on the alarm clock. Her hair was sticking out all over the place like Einstein’s and she didn’t say a word. I screamed a very inappropriate word and started to cry and laugh at the same time. Never been so freaked out in my life.

6mo son paying by himself started 2fuss then started giggling as if some1 paying w/him wouldn't look at me kept laughing acting shy reaching out next day..

hubby & I bought a house. Niece went downstairs came up crying and said who are the little kids locked in the bedroom downstairs? Nope!! Lol

when I was little I was afraid of my grandmas basement. I said there were big dogs with bloody mouths. Found out later the previous owner had bred and abused dogs

my daughter knew I was pregnant twice before we told her. The first time before I even knew.. Also knew the genders

3 year old as I was applying lotion to her legs and feet says, I have toes like Jesus. Resurrection is real

Recently I was putting away groceries and my 3 year old son said he careful you don't drop the pickles or grandpa will be mad. I have never told that

when I was little I dropped a pickle jar and my grandpa lost his temper and freaked out on me he passed away when I was about 10 and it was something that

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