School of Rock Sandy

School of Rock

School of Rock Started:

Started – 1998, Philadelphia, PA

There are 212 Schools around the world (ie. Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Philippines)

Types of programs:

Rock 101

Beginners Performance Program

Performance Programs

Performance Program is all about translating our students’ abilities from play in the lesson room to performing for real on a stage.

All students in the program can expect:

Weekly private lessons on guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and/or vocals.

Weekly band rehearsal to get students prepared for real shows.

Real-life performances on stage at amazing venues.

Advanced instruction in fundamentals such as stage performance, harmonies, musicianship and more.

Fun, music, and education wrapped into one all-inclusive experience!

Little Rock (8)

Little Rock is an audition band for kids 8-14 years old.

House Band (11)

House Band is an audition band for kids 14-18 years old.

Along with Little Rock, House Band tours all over the state of Utah doing charity events, business events, parties, music festivals, etc.

Adult Program – Rust

Rust is the Adult Performance Program for those 18 and older.

Where we play:

House Band and Little Rock have performed with Royal Bliss, American Hitmen, Jagertown, they have opened for Terri Clark in Twin Falls, ID, played at The Rose in Pasadena, CA, Country Fan Fest in Tooele, UT and many more.

They will be touring this summer throughout UT, CA and ID.

Foundation: The School of Rock Foundation

Our foundation raises Scholarship money for kids who can’t afford to take music lessons.  We have 7-10 kids on Scholarship each year and it cost around $17,000-$30,000 a year to keep those kids in the program.

We will be having a benefit concert in July with School of Rock schools from all over the country coming to SLC for a SoR Summer Festival.

Contact Info:

School of Rock Sandy - 9083 South 255 West Sandy, Utah 84070

Phone: (801) 542-7179

Follow us on Facebook –School of Rock Sandy and Sandy School of Rock House Band(for events throughout the year)


This is open to anyone to come watch and these shows are what all School of Rock kids learn in the 4 months to perform on a stage.  You can follow us on I post all of House Band and Little Rock's, gigs they will be doing this summer!

Audition Bands - (need to audition to tour with these bands)

House Band ((the kids who were there this morning, ages 14-18)

Little Rock (the mini version of House Band, ages 8-14)

Performance Program - Seasonal Shows

All School of Rock kids (ages 7-18)

Frankie and Jess

Frankie and Jess

Frankie and Jess on 97.1 ZHT! Read more


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