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Parent Group Therapy: 

What do you do with a picky eater? 

What do you do when your child is so focused on what they are doing they won't take a bathroom break? 

had some picky eaters and the way I handled it was to not make it a power struggle or force them. We acted like we were the lucky ones with our healthy food and it was the most delicious. They’ve all come around and eat all the healthy and exotic foods as adults!

my parents told me that I can either eat what they made for dinner or got to bed hungry. Some people don’t get to eat and I’m sure they’d be happy to eat whatever your picky eater won’t

my son wet his pants for a long time from not wanting to stop playing. He finally had to set a timer for every hour and when the timer would go off we would stop whatever we were doing and all of us would take a bathroom break. Worked!

set a timer for when he has to use the bathroom. And then block access to what he is playing with till he goes. Worked for my 9yrd

reward or praise 7 you when he goes to the bathroom. Do not focus on the negative. You want to reshape the behavior

my 7-8 yr would pee his pants We would constantly remind & take breaks to ensure not. Also took away toys/electronics when it would happen. Don’t know how effective, now almost 9 finally doesn’t do it anymore but at night occasionally. Look up pee alarm on Amazon

for the kid wetting his pants make him clean up in a cold shower

don’t have a picky eater but I’m a vegan so I cook a lot of food that most people think they won’t like. They could try sneaking in healthier food in the food they like, if one of the food is pasta they make noodles out of lentils and other veggies that are good for you or you could blend a veggie up and add it to a sauce. I know they have books that help with recipes for picky eaters

on wouldn't eat anything but chicken so I just told all meat was chicken..ribs are still known as chicken on the bone.

Son had same prob thru 3rd grade. Never wet bed. Alt bet anger/punish & resigned. At one pt made sit next to washer when immediately washing. Finally outgrew, just had too much fun playing w/friends..

my daughter is 8 years old now and she used to have the same issues peeing her pants because she didn’t want to leave what she was doing I finally took her to her doctor and she has a dysfunctional bladder and when she was put on medication for it she quit with the peeing her pants as long as she had her medicine in her system

picky eaters can be a sensory issue. Try the tolerate on plate, touch it, kiss it, take a bite. That's what OT does.

My daughter would only eat rice whn she was little; everything made her gag or puke Took her to a food therapist who diagnosed her with a sensory disorder...

When my kids asked for something specific to eat that isn’t healthy, I would tell them if they eat something I give them that is healthy then they can have he other item. Negotiation!!!

Had a son that messed his pants playing. We took away what he wouldn't stop doing. Then give it back for 10mins at a time for potty breaks.

I’m a picky eater and my mom made me take control of my own meals and help to cook and then I got excited about building my talents and looked for recipes I’d enjoy

Research shows that the more kids see things on their plates the more comfortable they become. Consistency!

Jerry Seinfeld's wife has a cook book for hiding veggies and healthy stuff in meals.

told my kids that calamari was "calamari chicken" so they tried it and loved it. They still don't know.

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