TEXT TOPIC: Who do you know that lays the guilt trips on thick?

My wife's mom guilting her into having a relationship with her grandma who is a complete B word to my wife. Everything the grandma says to my wife is rude.

In-laws always guilt me about not attending EVERY family event. I'm a full time student & I work 3a-3p so I go to bed early. 7p on a Tuesday? No.

I’m white, my boyfriend is black and my dad hates it. My mother is very sick and my dad is trying to guilt me in to breaking up by saying my relationship is putting stress on her.

My sibling is trying to guilt our whole family into going to Hawaii for their wedding.

My sister is pregnant and keeps guilting me into spending all my free time doing things to make her life easier and I feel like I can’t say no since I don’t officially have other plans. I just want to relax

My Mexican mom is a travel agent for guilt trips. "Spend more time with the fam, I’m old, I'm dying, you work and have school too much!" It doesn’t stop. 

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