TEXT TOPIC: What did your sibling do or say that makes your blood boil?

Sister started going after boys I said I liked (or they liked me) when I was in 4 grade and she was in 5th ... never stopped!

My brother would call me Hannibal just to be a dick... still can't stand hearing that name

Sis is 11 yrs younger. While holding my older sis baby my lil sis said: "you'll never have 1 of those." I have 2 now but needed fertility help to get them

My sister said I was the worst sister ever. I ruined her life and stole all her friends. Not my fault she spent all her time dating her dumb A boyfriend.

Oh and... we use to play monopoly together and every time he says I cheat and I DONT!! Haha

My younger sister (I was13, she 6) stabbed me in the arm with a fork &while I was asleep. 20 years later & I only have about 30% feeling in my arm

My brother would pin me down to the ground and tap on my chest and say... Name 10 bowls of cereal.

My siblings would tease me that I was the mailman's kid but w/dark hair & eyes, I was the ONLY one who looked like dad. They're all blonde/blue eyed lol

my sister always says "Your kids have a very distinct look to them, don't they?" How about instead of insulting, you just say they're cute like I do with yours

My white step brothers use to call me BURNT TOAST as kids cuz I'm brown... they still my brothers and I bring it up now and they feel so bad. It's funny.

bro tells the story abt the scare on my 4head he tells every1 I walked in2 the bar Did NOT walk in2 it the bars chains swung back bar hit ...

me in the head it was his fault I got the scare, Harry Potter movies started coming out so now he calls me Harry Potter because it's on my 4head

my sister told my parents that I shoved her and split her eyebrow so she needed stitches. SHE TRIPPED. It still bothers me 18 years later.

My brother used to always go to my parents, lie & blame me for what happened. I got blamed for everything. As adults, he does the same thing.

my sister would lick the middle out of any cookies that had the filling that showed through the little holes. She had me convinced they just didn't have much filling. Remember Giggles cookies? I was eating her licked cookies!!

We were out to dinner with family and friends when we're dividing out the Check I said I don't have cash before I could finish my sentence she started yelling that I was a moocher and I never had money and she was "tired of it." Next couple times we went out to dinner she asked us to pay for food b/c her "card didn't work."

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