TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggressive Tuesday April 10, 2018

Here's a thought, get your lazy butt and your stinky dog out of my basement and grow up. I m sick of you living off of us and making excuses

Hey, perfect pretty boy Mormon kid stops sending my daughter pictures of your disgusting junk and then pretending that you broke up with her.

I am tired of the games. Stop bothering me. I am not going back to a toxic relationship.

for all the parents of sick children at the hospital, yes we know your child is sick, yes we care, every other kid in the place is sick. U & your child aren't the only ones here. Sorry, you can't get a full nights rest here from kids crying/monitors beeping. This is a luxury stay at a resort. We are very sorry you are here though-your child s nurse

Just because you are the boss doesn't mean you deserve to be there. You constantly have the worst attitude. You blame other people when you do things wrong. Stop thinking that it's other people's fault and take responsibility for your own actions.

your husband is a piece of shit. Everyone knows it despite your Facebook posts. He will never be a pro fighter. Ditch him.

Passive aggressive Tuesday: we all know you and Tony are having an affair! Stop flaunting it because we all feel bad for his wife and 5 kids!

your mom is so busy taking care of your idiot siblings and her other grandkids that she doesn't have two seconds to spend with our beautiful wonderful perfect children but she acts like she's the best grandparent in the world

for all those middle school moms who park in the street waiting for their kids to come out of school... I hate you!!!!!!!

Hey, dirtbag slow down people are dying

hey ass hole in the basement. Turn down your damn music and stop smoking weed in the house. Your niece and nephew are upstairs and can hear and smell everything!

how can you support your family when you are constantly not making it into work yet you send snaps at breakfast

 If you're not happy in your relationship. Don't have a baby. It didn't work so well for you last time. Stop trying to steal my thunder on being pregnant!

your package was left in my mailbox. I almost kept it because you're a jerk and left your cute dogs outside all winter.

I am getting frustrated when you don't wake up from a nap when it is dinnertime. You only slept 11 hours last night.

Mom I get my kids don't matter as many other cranks stop say it's dumb to travel for dance comp when you went to Portland for basketball comp for other gk

To those cheer moms of last year's team: Just because YOUR daughters broke the school rules numerous times, got caught on video/pictures saying/showing inappropriate things, not making grades, you want the cheer coach fired? How about stop helicopter parenting and make them accountable for it?

were helping you out by living with us, stop saying you're buying a house you can't afford it- go figure out an apartment cause I'm sick of you using us, and clean your freaking bedroom my house Is brand new

hey Kenzee divorce your husband. He can't hold a job, touches other girls butts in front of you and looks down their shirts. You shouldn't have settled. There are better guys out there

you may think you've won by backing out of my wedding, ending a friendship of 7 years and not even giving me a chance to talk to you... but I actually won because you showed your true self and I just don't need a BS liar like you in my life 

passive aggressive This is for the nosy blonde at work and you know who you are.not everyone has to tell you everything.so stop trying to be in everyone's business

hey son, why don't you get your lazy ass up and to school. I am just trying to help you so stop complaining

Look just because you're bored you don't need to double check my work I'm doing just fine. Go away! Bye Felecia (her name is actually Felecia)

passive aggressive To my 18-year-old daughter I love you but the world does not revolve around you and everyone doesn't have to do what you like

how about you teach our class instead of the TA teaching anatomy... after all ... we pay you to teach us not them.. GAH!

To all the drivers speeding through my crosswalk, turning and looking the other way does not make you invisible. I still see you breaking the law!! Idiots!

I thought I finally found a man to date but you're truly more like a needy girlfriend. Please stop crying over random things. Please.

JUST BREAK UP ALREADY! You and your bf are constantly arguing and breaking up! It's getting annoying and your drama is affecting me mentally!

Oh dear Kw, you are NOT that important that you need to come to work on your vacation days AND who cares your child rapist son lost his leg.

I did NOT hire you! But would LOVE to FIRE you!!!!!!

everything u have was given 2 u or done 4 you. want respect? quit bragging about things that were handed 2 u. And if u want more money, work 4 it

You fired my effing boss yesterday you greedy corporate twats!! You're driving the school into the dirt and I'm thrilled to watch.

Heather: you're a loud, condescending know-it-all, and we all hate your attitude. Work will be hell now that you got made team lead.

Yes, all of us neighbors LOVE your dog barking ALL damn day, my favorite time is at 4 AM!! Be a good dog owner and bring your dog in!!!!


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