TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a weird roommate?

My roommate used to always drink my o.j. so one day, her gold fish died so I put it in my o.j. knowing she'd drink it & she did.

I had a roommate from Canada who would sleep eat. We found everything from butter sticks to a pot roast in her nasty @ss bed!!!

My sister weird roommate had to share a room. She hums as she falls asleep. But not consistent. Like every 6 minutes. So your almost asleep then out of. 

my roommate used to take my dirty underwear. I have always assumed that she wore it.

In college, a Big fat bald guy from Finland (looked like Mr. Clean) would walk to the shower room every morning in a tiny day robe that let his junk show.

I had a roommate in college that locked her door every single time she left the room. Even to go grab something from the kitchen, bathroom, etc. She even put a hot plate/microwave/fridge in her dorm room so she wouldn't have to use the joint kitchen with everyone else.

I had a roommate who told me she had multiple personalities. One day I found all my knives gone and they were hidden in her bathroom towels. I was afraid she was going to kill me in my sleep. Needless to say, I moved out.

Had one I lived with for a year and I saw her maybe 6 times. Paid about 3/4 rent every month. Never had a bed, just air mattress

My weird roommate would give himself enemas. He said it would prevent colon cancer.

Weirdest roommates I have ever had would make lots of noise and messes. They also call my mom for some reason.

My friend found a jar full of loose strands of hair under her roommate's bed. After that, her goal was just to stay sexy and not get murdered until she could move out.

Roommate got arrested and hauled back to his home in Idaho after only being moved in for a week. He paid $1000 upfront in rent and never came back to claim.

My roommate who is a virgin and would moan in her sleep and you think she was doing the hanky panky.

I had a weird roommate that would hum while she chewed food.

I have had so many weird roommate stories but the worst is a girl who talked to herself, loudly and often, and would line up her socks by the door like shoes


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