TEXT TOPIC: Who is the flirty one in your relationship? Does it bother you?

Who is the flirty one in your relationship? Does it bother you? 

I’m the flirty one... I’ll admit it. Flirt with my boyfriends best friend all the time and his other friends sometimes too.. then they flirt back and I know I’m in trouble... whoops lol

I m the flirty one. Only when I drink. If my husband even looks at another girl it is NOT ok lol

Went our to dinner with my wife and I had to use the bathroom. When I come back I find the dude sitting in my seat! And of course my mind goes to he’s trying to pick up my wife. got thrown out of the restaurant cause I started a fight

I’m divorced & my ex said this was 1 of the reasons why our relationship ended. He couldn’t handle my flirting with other guys. I’m like Jess & it’s just in my personality Haha

it’s me. I am the flirt. I always have been. My husband had a hard time at first but over time I’ve toned it down a tad and he’s learned that I chose HIM, he’s my husband and who I go home with at night, plus he benefits from the free beer and great service when we go out. :)

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