TEXT TOPIC: What lame injury do you have?

What lame injury do you have? Do you lie about it so it makes it sound cool or tough? 

buddy in high school climbed chairs and was hanging on basketball rim, slipped off. Fell on elbow. Had to have surgery. Big nasty ass scar. Told people it was a shark bite.

I broke my ankle tripping up the stairs at my dance studio. When I told people what happened I left out a few details and said I broke my ankle during practice.

I told people that I broke my ankle at a dance party but I broke it when I was home alone & drinking by myself & just got up from the couch to grab some chips & rolled it & broke it

my sister has a scar between her eyes. When people ask about it she says someone cut off her unicorn horn. She was actually dancing on a glass coffee table when she was little and it broke.

Jacked up my wrist putting on a sports bra! I tell people it was a sports injury. My BFF laughs every time I tell it because she knows the truth

broke my finger. Told people I was rescuing a baby from rabid raccoons. Really fell into a bush while hiking

I was brushing my hair and Jabbed myself in the eye with the brush. My Eye was totally bloodshot. I told people I was riding my horse in the mountains and got hit with a branch.

I was in FL on a business trip and we went to the ocean one of the days--I was running into the ocean to tackle a colleague and ended up tripping and folding my foot under. Broken in 3 spots + surgery, etc. I told everyone I was being chased by an alligator while site seeing near the Everglades. Most people bought it... haha.

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