TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD!! :) April 9, 2018

After six months on unemployment I get to start a new job today by getting my security clearance done! Must have great hair...

tomorrow my hubby and I will be married 8 years

something good, I scored a killer deal on Floor tickets to JT on Thursday and then I leave for Coachella a week for Wednesday!

after trying for years I finally won something on Publishers Clearing House! $350!

my son is going back to school today. I love him but spring break was BRUTAL and he's only four! I am terrified of his teen years.

My wife and I just signed papers to build a house! Excited to start this new chapter!

Hubby and I finalized our upcoming vacation that'll include just the 2 of us! Heading to the Seattle area for the 1st time - and we'll see our 1st MLB game

today is my bday & my job Habitat for humanity of Ut county is doing a ribbon cutting today for our 69th home

after a year of trying, found out my wife is pregnant! (haven't told the family yet)

my something good is i finally got 12 weeks in my pregnancy so I can finally start feeling people.

Going to Phoenix on vacation in the morning. Woot woot

My husband and I just bought our first house! We bought my childhood home that grandma and my grandpa built. I’m excited to keep it in the family and make it our own 

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