TEXT TOPIC: Who is the horrible tipper in your life?

Who is the horrible tipper in your life?

My wife is a horrible tipper. She refuses to tip more than 15%. No matter how much the check is or how good the service she WILL NOT tip more than 15%

So my wife gets mad at me whenever we go out because she feels I tip too much. I worked as a server and I know how hard it can be so I tip at around 35%

it's me. Beware if I'm hungry and slightly inconvenienced.

my husband! No matter how much our bill is he'll only tip $2-3. I'll sneak extra bills after he gets up

my ex would not tip, so embarrassing. We would always get the same pizza guy, every time the guy would walk away and yell "nice f-ing tip". In restaurants I would always leave cash under my plate.

I don't feel like a bad tipper, BUT my husband works in the restaurant business and I think He over tips,! It makes me feel like a cheapo

my dad is the terrible tipper. $2 always. My sister and I act like we left something at the table and drop another $20

my tips depend on the service I get, that's the point, they have to earn it. Good service 35% or more bad service next to nothing.

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