TEXT TOPIC: What issues are you having with your child right now?

Been having trouble with my 18 month old and getting him to listen. He is a boundary pusher and it's making me crazy! I feel like I'm always telling him no

my 8 year old is almost 100 lbs. I’ve always been told to not talk about weight with children which I agree but I want my child healthy. She’s in therapy but has no self control. I’m worried about her

22yr old son wants to quit college 2 semesters from graduating and move home. Told him no and he's so mad. Not sorry.

my 7 year old son wets his pants pretty much every day because he doesn't want to leave whatever he's doing to go to the toilet.

when is the appropriate age to let your kid/kids stay home alone for a few hours? I have a 10 yr old and a 5 year old.

14yo daughter needs new ph I want 2 get her a flip ph bc I think smart are scary

almost 2yr old. Does not listen to: no, stop, let go, etc.

when we put her to bed at night she just sits in her bed and yells Nothing works and the neighbors called the cops- 2 years old

blended family 1 son first then 2 more with new husband, oldest is disengaged and seems to hate to be around us, always walking on eggshells

My 4 year old is so emotional. Neither me or my husband are. She cries over everything and her feelings get hurt way too easily. We don t know how to handle it. Sometimes I feel like I have no heart because I can t help her and I don t understand why she s so upset.

Having focusing issues with my 8 yr old son. When he isn't into a subject at school he can't focus at all. He's aware of it Not sure how to help

21 yr old son living with his girlfriend & I'm struggling to help him understand safe sex. I talk to him about it but not sure he understands

Dealing with my trio not listening, telling me no and name calling when they don't get thier way.

my son keeps leaving his homework at his desk at school we have taken away his privileges but he keeps not doing it. We call his teacher daily he still doesn’t bring it home and when he does it’s a fight to get him to do it.

2 sons 17 & 18. They are both lying, drinking, & experimenting w drugs. We love them and have clear rules. Tried everything...

have a teen 15 year old Boy. I catch him lies often. I take his phone away, door away, ground him, etc. He just adjusts to the punishment.

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