TEXT TOPIC: What is something special you carry with you in your wallet?

my little sister gave me a wallet 5yrs ago, in it a little note saying "you’re a strong, smart, beautiful woman. You’re unbelievably loved." At the time I was secretly struggling with my own demons. It made a world of difference so I keep it in my wallet always.

in my purse I have the program from my brother's funeral. On the 10th it will be 3 years since he passed.

fiancé passed in 16’. I wear his badge lanyard everyday. We even met at work. Love u Shane

a guitar pick. I was a guitar teacher in Draper for 5ish years. It was my favorite job and something I was good at. Never know when I can play!

I carry a coin around daily ever since my friend took his life. It says "Memento Mori" to remember life isn't permanent

I have my best friend hospital tag that pasted away. I have had it since 1995

a funeral card from my first love who passed post desert storm from ptsd

my first pic with my wife. It was awkward and we didn't know each other, had a mutual friend. We met and dated 2 years after

have my grandma's drivers license, her picture was when she was going thru chemo

carry about my last dog's name tag. My dad still carries all of his dogs' name tags. There are 3 of them.

wear a Colorado bracelet on my left wrist that my brother tied. Then i tied one on his. He killed himself with alcohol a year later. I’ve not taken it off since. (Faithful listener from Colorado that moved from SLC in 2014)

I wear the same necklace that I was wearing when I married my husband 12 years ago.

my grandpa -I carry one of his handkerchiefs with me wherever I go. And I will be married in August and the suit jacket that he wore for his wedding 65 years ago will be the one i wear at my wedding.

my husband carries his AA milestone chips to remind him how far he has come. In Nov it will be 2 year sober for him

have my dogs tag on my keychain. She passed away unexpectedly in September.

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