I have 4 kids (& a hubby, so like it's 5). My family just can't get why I don't work. They think I do nothing! I'd love to see them try it for one day!

I would get so much crap for staying home with my kids while my husband worked two jobs. Everyone, especially his family would make rude comments. I was secretly at home working on my degree and when my kids were old enough to go to school I found my dream job making more money than those who were being judgmental

I’ve been on both sides of this coin sometimes I find myself still judging SAHMs, even though it’s a hard job. but I also get shamed for being a working mom

I have 3 kids(11, 14, 16)so all day at school. I get asked all the time why I don't contribute by working but I do by taking care of groceries, lessons, etc

me and my husband work from home the majority of the time. People can’t wrap there heads around that we can live and live well and stay at home 5 to7 days a week

I get the opposite for working as a mom. My sister in law would always judge me and say I'm never home with my daughter. I'm a single mom, I have to work.

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