TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that received a death threat?

both my mom and brother received death threats from my uncle because my parents were fostering his grandson do to his record

my brother was threatened by his best friend who committed the murder and my brother knew about it

My dad works for college football doing instant replay, he made a wrong call once & fans were ticked & he received about 3-4 death threats for it

my 2 half bros were threatened by their dad. They were in FL & he told them if they told my mom about his job he would kill & dump them in the swamp

it was me I was told I would be beat to a bloody pulp and left on the street so my family could see

my sisters dad used to abuse my mom while they were together and threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone it was him. She met my Schwarzenegger looking dad and that loser finally left her alone.

my bio dad as a teen called my phone high on drugs told me I was a piece of crap and he was going to kill me.

uncle works at prison gets threats all the time. He tells them he lives with 3 daughters and a wife. Nothing you say scares me like they do!!

ex hubby said Leave me and I ll kill you, then I ll be in prison..who will take care of our kids? My daughter still remembers hearing that

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