TEXT TOPIC: What subject is off limits to talk about with your parents?

won't talk about me getting married to any active LDS, they finally stopped trying to set me up

My dad and I cannot talk about politics we end up arguing about who's better publicans or Democrats

Had to tell my dad not to talk to me about my religious choices, now he NEVER calls me.

my mom tries to talk about her n my dad's sex life to me... NOOOOPE not having it!! I don't want to hear anything about it!

my brother he’s a topic that I will not discuss and I won’t even think about he’s a lowlife loser who is giving up his family for drugs and he just keeps having kids

my step dad WILL NOT talk about his bio-son due to hard feelings towards the sons mom/grandpa from 40 yrs ago. Me, my half bro (his half bro), my mom met him recently. 40 fn yrs it’s time to get over it!!!

the church with my in laws. They want me on my wife to go to church and constantly say to do so even know I was never brought up in the church not baptized

my mom told lies about my dad and was so rude to him that he wasn’t in my life growing up. He finally came back and my mom talks trash we have asked her to stop and she still does

My mom side of the family wont acknowledge my military deployments, even though i need help from my family due to my mental health issues

Mom and I have ALWAYS been able to talk about ANYTHING. Now, politics, ESPECIALLY Trump, r off limits. It's so bad it results to name calling. Lame

it’s off topic when I try to discuss my sisters passing. It’s good to let go of those emotions and express. But my parents are still hurting that my sister fought cancer.

anything democratic! My dad will come unglued I even watch him tell his mom that her views are ridiculous and shut up! #raisedrepublican

church is off limits to talk about, I left the church and it caused a lot of riff in my family.

Dating is a subject I banned my whole family talking to me about. They go from trying to set me up to telling me where to pick up guys. Ggrr.

my parents will never understand boundaries. I’m 33 and they still tell me I can’t go on vacation, how to do my job, how to raise my kid, don’t knock when they come to my house. If I ignore them, they get my sister to talk to me about it. I just need to move out of the country

My mom refuses to talk about my dad hitting her (I remember the stories she used to tell), she denies it now, and I don’t talk about my husband hitting me.

I want to have a Home birth. I want my child to come into this world in a quite peaceful environment. My mom & sister & really anyone who’s had a baby (or hasn’t) seems to have an opinion on MY body and MY baby. So I refuse to discuss it. I don’t need those negative energy all up in my hippy love bubble right now.

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