TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

What is your passive aggressive text?

My sister-in-law made my brother move Out of town away from all the family. She’s a close talker, get the F out of my face. and no you’re not invited to everything so quit inviting yourself

passive aggressive. My parents, brother and sister don't understand anxiety. They say don't have anxiety it's your choice. If it were that easy.

I’ve driven visually impaired mom, sibs n nieces last 35 plus yrs. Acknowledge the thnx but im getting a lil old n creaky so how about pitching in now n then?

If you have to tell everybody how important you are on Facebook every day & You really aren’t that important

Laura, I really hope the merger makes you quit. You’ve been with the company 10yrs and still don’t know how the phones work. You’re a selfish co-worker & no one likes you.

Hey coworker I have to ask you for the same report every month, do me a favor, just do your job so I don't have to nag you. I'm not your mother.

Almost finally divorced after 3 years of going through this! Thousands of dollars in attorneys fees. Headed to TRIAL! He is digging his own grave..except he listed two shovels in his list of marital assets that need to be split.. I bet he is ruining his spoons! Oh wait, he listed silverware too. Along with chutes and ladders. #areyouforreal????

to my wife, quit being so sensitive to anything and everything anyone says! You’re going to live a long and hard life if you do that! Get out and get to know the world and the people that are in it

You've been married for 1 month, you have no kids. Quit telling me how to make my marriage better and how I should raise my kids

maybe u didn't notice other ppl had kids because ur so self-centered

stop trying to "help" the rest of us with our work. We have to correct all your screw ups. Why do you think we all tell you we don’t need your help. Oh, and mind your business! You know who you are!

Hey ex husband. Yes I am still single but I've made something of myself. I own my home have a job making twice what you make and I'm the better parent.

Stop complaining about your weigh on Facebook. What about getting active and proactive like cleaning your house which is a mess and eating pizza pretty much every week is not going to help you either. Stop whining and do something about it

I’m done being the only one that txt and asks if you want to go out and you flake , the guys always come first , well go eff yourself, you don’t know everything about working out, people think your my mom and we’re the same age , maybe focus on that instead of thinking you know everything. I’m done ,eat dirt!

Keep lying to the kids because as your favorite saying goes... the truth always comes out.

Stop pontificating how you think you have a psychology license. You are a complete psychological disaster and never got your degree and are f''ing up your children and 3rd marriage!


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