TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Free For All!

Confessions in Professions: Free For All!


my 2 best friends are nurses. They (and especially the doctors) make mistakes WAY more than we know

I work in a warehouse. On slow days i drive my forklift to a far corner and move pallets around so I'm hidden and then take a nap

we charge extra for super picky, rude, or overbearing customers.

In the Air Force, had a 3000 tool kit that wasn't on Turkish custom forms. I had to smuggle it out on it's back on the baggage pallet, completely covered.

confession. Metal shops, we all have our vices. At this shop we're all pot heads. Don't get hurt or you'll be peeing in a cup at the clinic.

I do recruiting and if you no call no show or don't contact back you get a big ole black mark on your name for being a flake!

I monitor home and business alarm systems, if an alarm comes in and person is rude I've called police on them just because they were rude

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