TEXT TOPIC: Who do you need to apologize to?

I want to apologize to my wife. I got mad at her when I couldn't fix the leak in our damn toilet. I love you and I'm sorry. It obviously wasn't your fault

to Melissa Bloss, I'm sorry for stealing your My Little Ponies in the 3rd grade (198_). I have tried looking you up to apologize

I'd like to apologize to my parents for not being who they dreamed I'd be or being as perfect as my siblings

i want to apologize to my wife Samantha for putting work first

To my sister, when we were little i pushed her down the stairs and her head went through the wall

I want to apologize to Ashley my bestie as a very young child. I am sorry I passed on the crap I passed on to you, I didn''t know it was wrong, I didn''t know what was done to me.

To my dad, son n brother. I''m stubborn and wear my heart on my sleeve. I despise liars & have said things that have hurt. I''m not right, it''s just my core feelings. I love them all more than anything.

I want to apologize to my husband for getting upset with him over the stupidest things. I love you babe.

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