TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good!! April 2, 2018

my something good: first off, you guys are back! Second, my hubby is finally back on a normal schedule 7-3 M-F! That rotating scheduled. sucked.

Heading on a trip with my sisters to vegas. Girls trip baby!!! Magic Mike Live here we come!!

My wife and I went to Dr. Hatasaka to make sure my wife is healthy enough to start another surro journey. And she got the green light!

As of yesterday I don’t ever have to do any home teaching

we are finally expecting after many loses! We feel so blessed for this gift.

Something good! Last day of work this morning, then off to Palm Springs for spring break!


headed to Florida on Monday for me and my husbands 5 year anniversary without our 1 year old

got accepted to Georgetown! The #1 school for my masters program, so my wife and I will be moving to DC this summer!

for Easter we Told the kids that we leave for Disneyland in 10 days Pixar fest here we come

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