TEXT TOPIC: Why can't you keep friends?

Why can't you keep friends?

I know a 20 year old woman-child named Aubrey (yeah I said it) that can’t keep friends. She thinks it’s because she’s too real and everyone is fake. No. She’s a calculating, manipulative, sociopath.

I can't keep friends. I pick flakey people who don't reciprocate back. I get to the point I am done with the one sided relationship.

I go through this! I have a ton of people that I know very well but no one I really hang out with. Never get invited to stuff as if I'm an after thought.

It s me I will great friends but I don t keep them long. It’s because of me but I and my attitude! Don t care!

I have trouble keeping friends. I’ve been with my husband for 20 years now. But girlfriends - they come and go and honestly I don t care, because people seem to show their true colors in fallibly. I guess I don t put up with crap from people.

I am a nature beauty & can't keep my woman friends. They get jealous about the guys falling for me or their men going after me & I deny them all

I can only keep friends for about 2 years then I usually drop them. I either get annoyed or realize I don''t need them. If they’re not paying my bills for sleeping with me I don''t see a sense in friends. My marriage is happier without them. There must be something wrong with me to be so care free. I don''t think this is normal.

my sister. She's social at work and school, but she's just a home body and introvert. Doesn't really enjoy going out outside of school & work

this use to be me! I couldn’t keep a friend to save my life! At one point I got in an argument with one of my college friends and she said "this why you can’t keep friends." Honestly, I was thankful she said it b/c I needed to hear it.

I don t have a hard time keeping friends Per-say but I don t have best friends. I feel like the friendships I do have are surface level. But it s totally my fault. I keep people at arms length because of experiences I had when I was younger.

my sis always makes Friends and then she always has them babysit so her friends disappear

I seem to only attract broken people... people that want/need healing. Friends that want fixing.

Sister. Goes to work and has no friends, goes Home, never leaves the house. Then she always complains that she has nothing to do. she has one person that she ever does anything with. the most relatable thing to her is eeyore.

my BFF can't keep friends, she pays off cars, rent, divorce lawyers 4 them & when she cuts them off from her $ they bail. I like her 4 more than her $$


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