TEXT TOPIC: When did you overreact?

When did you overreact?

over react with everything, grades for my high schooler, chap stick in the dryer, too much YouTube, Snapchat and the flash...I scream, and cry.

Gma funeral, trying to get a family pic, some adults were being rude, purposely hiding faces. I freaked out & called them childish and rude. They left in a huff. Regretted it later

just now I yelled at my husband for talking to other people while on the phone with me when we only have a few minutes to talk.

I find myself overreacting with my 6th graders, especially this time of the year. We’re still in elementary school, and they’re ready to be at the Jr. High. Besides, they’re hormones are starting and Spring Fever hits!

Watching Detroit sports punched a hole through my wall for some reason I still think the lions are gonna win the Super Bowl every year

got tired of hearing "just one more level mom!". I flew down the stairs, the Xbox ended up smashed on the back porch.

hit my finger 2 times in a row with a hammer. I ended up putting a bunch of holes in the sheetrock of the room I was finishing in my basement.

through a new Xbox out the front door after my boys skipped dinner to play, and then ask for a snack 2 hours later. Now I can't do my Kinect workouts.


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