TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family that overuses other family members

 Person in the family that overuses other family members to babysit?


My Aunt lives with her daughter and she is the built-in babysitter while my cousin goes on vacations almost every weekend. She even calls her mom to come home right away so they can have a date night.

my brother. He'll show up at my mom's and say I need you to watch the kids and leaves. Then ignores her until he needs a babysitter again.

I'm the a-hole who takes advantage. My kids are 6 and 9. I've always worked full time. Never paid for daycare. Big families have their advantages!

It’s me. I use my mom to watch my son every week day so I can work. She kept bugging me for grandkids and said she''d watch them so I can work. I think she regrets saying that now... Is been 2 years.

My Sis-in-law! "Wouldn't it be so fun if my son had a sleepover at your house?" Um, fun for who?? Don't act like you're doing US a favor!

list is long but sis is the worst, my parents haul her kids all over, watch them so she can sleep, keep for days at a time, they move here & she sees them daily rest of us rare to see

used to be my brother they would drop his 3 kids off at my parents without hesitation on a Saturday night like it was no big deal. My parents put a stop to that

both of my sil are stay at home moms but spend 24/7 at my mil house. They both have two kids and my mil is constantly complaining that all she does is baby-sit while they go do their own things. She can never get anything done. They always whine when my mil leaves for the day I feel like I can’t ask her to watch my kid because she never has time alone

probably me, my sweet-in-laws watch my kid 4 days per week..

My brother in law as his mom watch their kids three times a week and as always leaving the brand new baby so they can go on vacation The woman is 70years old it’s ridiculous

my ex husband! He still uses my aunt and parents to baby-sit my kids on his time.....for free! They do it because they love my kids. Douche.

father-in-law is sick as a dog and was still watching 3 grandkids

my aunt has a 20 yr old son and 7 yr old son whom she doesn't nor ever has cared for. My grandma has been raising both of them and my grandma is now 76

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