TEXT TOPIC: Did you save someone's life?

A kid I worked with at a youth center had hung himself up in his room I noticed he was quiet so walked in and saved him scary stuff

my husband saved the same little girl twice. Jumped into lake Powell and a swimming pool when he saw her under the water. Family friend.

hubby drank TOO much fight night. gut told me to stop cleaning and check on him. He would have drown in vomit.

I was diagnosed with cancer and my chances weren't too good. Two people contacted my mother and told her that I saved them from committing suicide in school. it was two people who didn't know each other but they wanted me and my family to know what I did for them and how I saved them

I had no idea the impact I made on either of them. I didn't know they planned on committing suicide the days I approached them

bar shooting in 2014 downtown SLC. 18yr old got shot in the pelvis. Stripped him down found gunshot and kept him from bleeding to death

1 year old daughters floaty broke off in the pool my 6 year old daughter was right there grabbed her & pulled her to the side.

My brother got addicted to heroin and was homeless. Saw him 1 day and picked him up. Got him sober and if I hadn't he would be dead.

donated my bone marrow to two strangers, a 2 year and his brother. I was just a random match!

skipped a class one day and went to visit a friend. Walked in on that fried holding a loaded shotgun in his mouth. Saved his life that day

have a friend who was posting on social media saying they wanted to end their life and was done. I tried calling them several times, no answer. I went to their house and their mom answers the door. I went down to their room, lucky nothing had happened yet. I express my feelings letting them know how much I value them as a friend even though we didn’t get to talk much After High School. I let them vent and take out little frustration on me... Gave them a big hug and told him I love them. he broke down crying he thanked me. said I saved his life he was going to kill himself today. ( he''s single with kids ) they need him in their life.

I was on a cattle drive and a friend was helping a calf and the momma went to attack him and I saved him from being trampled

save my then 2 year old son when he jumped in a pool while we were handling our other son. laying on the bottom of the pool and I had to give chest comp.

I was a teenager asleep on a floatie in the lake woke up to splashing and calls for help a little girl had slipped out of her inner tube and could not touch the bottom

my best friend was a recovering addict. She didnt text back all day once and no one knew where she was. I showed up at her dealers house, walked in

the dr told me an ambulance wouldn't have been fast enough.. All because I had an overwhelming feeling she needed me.

dad has saved several people from choking. A stranger in Vegas and my brother at Jordan landing.

saved my little sis on the old Wild Mouse at Lagoon her skinny body slipped out of the restraint and I held on until the ride was over

Boating at Jordanelle. Noticed that my friends 6 year old wasn't with the other kids. Ran into the water scooping my arms and pulled him up from 2 ft under

family was boating,my mom got into water without her life jacket started to panic, my husband jump in to save her while the rest of us were frozen

received a weird text that eventually saved some kids from school shooting

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