Egg my Yard!

For the past year we have been working to start our family via IVF. For the past three years we’ve been saving for this journey. We are so excited to be parents. We have had a lot of obstacles during our process that have only made us stronger. As you may know, its a very expensive process that is not covered by insurance. Because of our situation, its more expensive than most because we have had to pay for an egg donor as well as a gestational carrier. In order to offset some of these costs, we are doing an “Egg My Yard” fundraiser for Easter. We will delivery and hide plastic Easter eggs filled with candy to your yard either Friday or Saturday night before Easter. You can text us with your order. Thank you for helping us achieve our dreams in becoming parents! If you want to follow our journey or see what’s happened thus far you can follow us on instagram @thisiswherewestarted! Thank you again, we love you all! Happy Easter!🐣🐰

Frankie and Jess

Frankie and Jess

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