TEXT TOPIC: What was your wardrobe malfunction?

Was wearing new black leggings outside hanging with neighbors, decided to pull some weeds and hubby shot a pic of my very see-through butt (black thong and white cheeks). The unsuspecting Camel toe was the beautiful finishing touch.

I was in a mall getting some lunch and I noticed a girl in front of me with Leggings on...I tapped her on her shoulder and quietly told her she had a hole

Hot pink bra hanging from my backpack at school

Was at fashion place when my skirt fell to the ground and I tripped over it. More-ti-fied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guy in the office was getting ready to meet with a client. Back of the suit pants was wide open I walked by and told him nice blue boxers. Huge splitat the seam.He thanked me later

Had a work presentation in front of the whole company. Didn't realize my white dress was VERY see through. Wore the sexy lace bra that day too. MORTIFIED

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