TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive comment?

You're a bitch. U keep blackmailing your ex husband for time w his kids and I can't wait for karma to kick your ass. 1 day I'll say this to your face

you screwed up own up to it you're suppose to be my boss. Instead you point the finger at Everyone else including my client

If a coach coached your child as hatefully as you coach mine, your head would be spinning! I HAVE NO RESPECT 4U ANY LONGER

this is a small farming community. The residents like it that way. No one likes your stupid housing development & blocking all of the long time residents view of the mountain with your stupid big houses. No one likes you!!! Go away!!!

Hey B, stop calling in sick or saying you have family issues EVERY week. You're the boss, act like it!

hey there a reason you don't provide parking for your employees or do you just like clogging up the road.

Dad get off your high horse! Start helping out at homework! And stop talking about us behind our back!

You messed up get off the drugs and stop blaming people and maybe you'll find a new family one day

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