TEXT TOPIC: What age should get kids get on social media?

let my kid's get social media at 13 but they didn't know the passwords I maintain the passwords and they could only log in if I was with them

Once my son is going out without us we’ll give him a phone that can only call us. For social media not until he’s mature & I will have tracking software on them

18 years old or not at all! They are finding that young brains become addicted to social media and cannot conceptualize between real and fake. The comparison is devastating. Bullying is untraceable.

I m a teacher by the way. No kids. But I see the horrible negative effects and parents should not allow them to be on social media! Not! At! All!

im a teacher and i think it depends on how its used, a lot of teachers have class instagram account and facebook pages for parents to see in class activities. But how do you draw a line for kids if its used right in front of them?

I’m a parent of two kids. They’re almost 5 and 7. My husband and I just had a discussion on this. They won’t be on social until around 16 and we’ll have access to their accounts.

16 years old. My kids will hate me. It’s gonna magical though because I won’t care what they think anyway.

I don’t want my son to have a smart phone or be on social until 12 to 14. But he lives with his mom and we’ll see if that happens. I’ve let her know my stance

my girls are 17,14,12. 2 oldest have insta and snap & nothing for my 12. Hold off as long as poss. All it brings is drama. Social med is going 2 b the downfall of society

my kids got it at 13 but they were logging on to Instagram and Facebook on friends phones earlier. I found out from friends parents. Not cool

Never! Realistically, 14 cuz they'll secretly get on if you don't allow it and monitor

My oldest daughter got Snapchat last year, she''s 14. I''ve also allowed her to have Instagram. I''m on every account and monitor every little thing. Facebook is an absolute NO until she''s moved out

I'm 27 and probably shouldve waited till at least 21 lol posted a lot of dumb shit in high school and freshman year at the U

I think it depends on the child s maturity level too! I also think they should be linked to a parents account so the parents cankeep a close eye on their use.

My 10 year old almost 11year old will not have a phone until maybe 13 or so and unsure on social media maybe high school

maybe 14 but when we hit that age we will see

my son is 10 and he's on. He has older brothers and has been schooled . I trust him

I am a teacher in elementary school and we see a lot of mean girl drama because of posts over social media. The girls seem to bully each other a lot.

I am a teacher in elementary school and we see a lot of mean girl drama because of posts over social media. The girls seem to bully each other a lot.

we have a Herriman page for adults and it drives me crazy when high school kids get on it! We are super inappropriate and when kids chime in, it''s awkward. Their parents defend them being on the page saying they''re adult enough but it''s awkward

My 14 yr old has a phone, it's monitored by my husband and I, and at night 8 p.m. she has to put it at the charging station. It doesn't go to her room..

as a kid I had it very earlier and got very insecure and now as an adult I don't have it at all and feel great my child will not have it

teen girls ages 16 and 14. IG, Snapchat since 13 but I (Mom) was first friend and have the passwords. Phones are mine at 9pm. No electronics at table.

I''m a 4th grade teacher and ALL 31 of my students have phones. The 6 that don''t have internet access are the highest most responsible students with the most respect! Something to be said about that!

teacher use the kids cell phones in school for projects they ask the kids to pull out their phone and look up...

24,mom. My son(now 3)won''t be allowed. SM can be very damaging. Photoshop, facetune, edits-its not real. Started slashing my SM time, deleting apps,put phone away.

if u choose to let your kids on social media or smartphones get the apps to monitor EVERYTHING!!! Then be in it.

another side to it son got made fun of for not being on social and having a phone bullying happens with everything on both sides having it and not

one of the hard things is I''m a want to be included Mom''s. We waited on the phone/social media until our girls were in 8th grade, but the kids, especially the younger one was excluded from a lot starting in 5th grade b/c she didn''t have a phone.

I knew this was an issue but didn''t realise the severity. TY Colin Kartchner =L cut my own SM time, it''s great. My son and I areoutside so much more now =

there''s actually research on the social media topic. Younger than 18 is a no, due to their development. Personally, I won''t allow my 9yo to have it until she''s out of high school

I have three children I have told them 13 with parental guidance I have to approve all of their friends request I anytime you there profiles in what''s are posting and I have to approve what they post

I don''t want my son to have a smart phone or be on social until 12 to 14. But he lives with his mom and we''ll see if that happens. I''ve let her know my stance

my daughter, 10 in July, I just let her sign up for snapchat and instagram. Heavily monitored by me. We talk about safety often.

my 12 yo is on musically and snap chat. I think sc is fine but I wish we had waited for anything else. Lots of bullying at this age and she is dealing with depression already.

I m almost 26, no kids. But I think it ruins your brain, they have no communication skills, unless it s behind a keyboard . Lets go back to playing in the dirt.

let my 14-year-old daughter get IG when she was 13 but making it private & FB she will stay off as long as I physically can.

I say 18. Being a teenager is hard enough without social media. Why do kids really need social media anyway? In my case, the negatives far outweigh the positives

I am 34, my kids (10, 9, 4, and 2)will be allowed to have social media when they are 16. When they’re 16 they’ll be able to have a cell phone, start driving, and have a job. They can make that choice then.

I am 27, with two girls, 2 & 6mo. In a perfect world, no social until after high school. There’s no break from the kids (bullies) they go to school with when they come home. I understand not the world we live in. I would say 15-16 is probably okay age depending on age. If there is One inappropriate-ness, they’re done. I am okay with being mean Mom.

18 years old. When they’re adults they can do what they want. But I still make sure they know Internet safety, cuz even as adults poo can happen. Kidsare 9, 11, and 14

I''m 29, male I have a 6 year old daughter. I think high school. With that being said, I''d put restrictions and be up front about me randomly checking it, and I get their passwords. If she doesn''t have good grades she doesn''t get it. It''s hard though kids are sneaky and will do anything to hide stuff.Good parenting will also lead to Honest Kids, with good morals ( for the most part ).

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