TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a twin? What do you have in common with your twin?

Do you have a twin? What do you have in common with your twin?


I have a twin we both love sloppy joes on a tortilla. It's our favorite food!

we’re connected by emotions. It gets to the point where randomly in the day I’ll be so angry for no reason. Talk to her and she’ll tell me what pissed her off

went 2 school w/ 3 sets of twins and a set of triplets & they were always together and no matter where they were they knew the others mood.

I have identical twin 2 year old girls and they communicate with each other in their own language and understand each other

my twin and I are can sense that the other is in distress...we live in different states.

I am an identical twin. My twin and I live apart but when we get together, step off a plane, etc., we’re usually wearing the same colored shirt, same pants, etc. We will text family and find out later our texts were almost identical in what we said and how we said it.

I have twin nieces that are toddlers. When they are playing on the floor they always sit back to back. It's like, "I've got you, sis!"

Schools used to separate my twin sisters in diff classes. parents got called weekly as twins switched classes when roll called they refused to answer as other name was called

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