WARNING PARENTS: Our listener lost her 13 year old and wants to warn others

We received this email from a listener about losing her son. If you are a parent PLEASE READ THIS!

My son Tristan, passed away just over 5 years ago from playing the choking game or pass out game. It actually has many names I have found. You see Tristan was this vibrant, funny, caring, super smart kid who would do anything for anyone. He loved to make people laugh. He would do anything to put a smile on someone’s face, especially if they were having a bad day. Tristan was always playing jokes on his sister. They used to sit in the hall and have target practice with his nerf guns. Even though there was a five year age gap he would do anything for her. They used to have battles with his nerf guns and he would set himself up so that he had the perfect view to shoot at her but she couldn’t get him back. Then he would come out after a while and let her rain on him with those stupid foam discs. Don’t get me wrong they had their moments when they would fight but honestly they were few and far between.

He and I used to play slap hands and bloody knuckles all the time. He was getting way better than me (even though I of course couldn’t let him know that). We all loved to play board games with each other. He loved battleship and Sorry. Cards were always super fun too. We also had this special Valentine’s Day date that we would all three go and get pedicures together. The last time he tried to act like he was way to cool to get one with us. But he came over midway through and wanted to still get one done. He was still his mom’s fathead LOL. I used to take him to this barber who was from New York and he would get his “man” time in. I would leave him there and they would have guy talk. He was just such a good kid.

So on 10/18/12 he was home alone, he was 13, it was UEA weekend on Thursday. I talked to him multiple times that day. We talked about what we were going to do that weekend. I was taking Friday off so we could all have a long weekend together. We talked about what movie we were going to go see and what he wanted for dinner, he was my food buddy. I talked to him around 12:30 and we joked around. He asked if he could watch a movie or if I wanted him to wait and we watch it together.  I told him to go ahead and watch it without me. Asked him to make sure and have his chores done when I got home so we could all hang out. Told each other that we loved one another. I was supposed to leave early that day but when it came time to go I just had this awful feeling and didn’t want to go home. I couldn’t figure out why I felt like that because nothing was wrong. So when I left to go get Reagan from daycare I sat and talked with the daycare lady for a bit. Went home and the door from the garage was locked. We never locked it. I thought that was weird. I got inside and called out for him and he didn’t answer. I saw the movie he was watching was on pause. He had food on the couch. But I couldn’t find him. I told Reagan to stay in the house while I went outside to ask his friend if he had seen Tristan. He hadn’t. He was a little mad when he found out that Tristan was home because he had come knocking and wanted him to come out and play with him but he didn’t answer. Then as I was turning around to go back in Reagan came running out of the house screaming that he was dead. I told her no he wasn’t, that he was probably just messing with her like he did. So I went upstairs and saw him. I remember calling 911 and being hysterical on the phone. I knew he was gone. I knew that they weren’t going to be to bring him back. I knew at the moment the feeling I had had earlier in the day was this moment. I couldn’t even do CPR on him because of the state he was in. It all seemed like I was watching this happen. Like I wasn’t there but watching what I was doing but the sound was muffled and it was like listening under water. The paramedics and police got there and took my phone to call someone to come and be with Reagan and I. I just remember sitting on the couch holding his pillow and rocking back and forth. My neighbor came and took Reagan to their house so that she didn’t have to see any more than she already had. It is the worst moment of my life.

The reason I am sharing this wit you is because TIME magazine has recently done an article about this so called game. It actually just came out this morning online and in a few weeks will be out in their magazines to purchase. I was wondering if you guys might be willing to post he article on your site to help spread awareness? It would mean so much if you could. http://time.com/5189584/choking-game-pass-out-challenge/

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much!

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