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My wife and I just celebrated our 7 year anniversary on the tenth

My wallet slipped out of my pocket at the Imax this weekend and the lady that found it put out a psa on FB to find me since my legal name is different than my FB name. Everything was in there including cash! so relieved and thankful

Something good. I cut my hair over the weekend and was able to donate my hair. Anything to help kids with cancer.

Hubby just got home after being approved by immigration! Welcome to the USA!!

have a two day conference this week, but my work gave me four days off for it!

me and my husband just booked flights to Orlando Florida for our five year anniversary. We are leaving the baby behind as well

giving my two weeks at my current job, got offered an amazing job with a $10,000 raise. So excited to leave this toxic, negative environment. This job has caused so much stress, physically, mentally, and financially.

refinancing our house and we close this week. Going to save a ton of $$ every month

celebrating securing a job after graduation!

after about a year in a new sales job my hubby has got his sale


I start a new job today as a nanny! How rad is is to get paid $700 a week to hang out with a Bad -A$$ 9yr old.

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