TEXT TOPIC: Who's putting pressure on you right now?

I'm dating a VERY wealthy and successful guy that my family loves! They pressure me to stay with him. He's not in love with me. I Must move on for myself

I'm married for 3 years I'm 26. Family pressure to have a baby. What they don't know is we are trying and can't get pregnant without IVF

I feel pressure to do the microblading thing! I know everyone is doing it but I don't wanna! I like my old fashioned eyebrows!

my fiancé passed in 2016. Friends and family pressure me to date and get back out there. Don't want me to be alone. #Eff-off

I’m being pressured into having babies. I just got married in August and I’m 23 which is considered baby time in Utah. I want to spend time with my husband without kids. Travel, be lazy, be selfish with our money, etc. Kids can wait!!!

my boss is pressuring me to take a promotion. The extra $ isn't worth the added stress and responsibility to me. It would make me hate a job I love

my husband is making me stay at toxic stressful work environment. Cuz we r trying to buy a home and need work history

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