TEXT TOPIC: What advice do you have for Miss X?

What advice do you have for Miss X? She connected with her birth mom. The birth mom's family isn't ok with this reunion. Check out these texts!

I'd tell them to mind their own business.

I agree with her husband. Just let it go. No need to cause problems. Just live your life that you have here with your family.

Mrs. X: They don't want anything to do with you. Your husband is right: Leave it alone. Focus on your own family.

reach out with you questions ask for important details like family medical history, heritage, etc...then leave it in their hands try and find peace in that

being a bio mom myself, my advice would be to Mrs X that she needs to do what is going to help her heal. My question is why isn’t her husband supporting her in that healing?

I agree with her husband, leave it alone. It's hard enough to foster relationships with people you already know and love.

This situation is almost identical with my husband and it was killing him. He came to the conclusion that he needed to leave it alone and focus on the family he did have. And at least he tried to reach out. It’s now their loss.

It's very selfish and unfair of them to deny her of that closure. Been there done that! In that situation with my stepdad and his bio son I've never met.

I'm thinking that the grandma comes from money and no one else wants anot her heir to share it with

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