Local Band, Culture Crew on tour with Wyclef on March 21

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Sam Schultz is a SoCal native, singer-songwriter, successful entrepreneur, pied piper, dreamer and single dad. He has a gift for inspiring people and helping them find their greatest purpose in life and how they can share it with the World. His biggest role model is his father who showed him that no matter what your dreams are you can achieve it with hard work and love for others. He works best when he is inspiring a culture OF LOVE to all the creatives he collaborates with on events.  Schultz's is on a mission and his greatest joy starts with being a Dad and teaching his two girls that we can always BE LOVE.

Aaron Watene is a successful musician and singer-songwriter since he was in his teens;  during the 80s he was in the internationally- acclaimed pop band The Jets. Prior to starting Culture Crew he was a hit songwriter for the hit Nickelodeon kid's show "Yo Gabba Gabba". Aaron grew up in Utah with parents who are from New Zealand and Hawaii which influences the music he produces. As a father of four children, Watene raises his children on the philosophy of love and peace that he learned from his role model Bob Marley.


Adventurous, funny, a dreamer, achiever, black, singer, actor, doctor, homeless, student, adaptable, considerate, multicultural, compassionate, gay, persistent, sensible, sincere, white, empathetic, unassuming and witty. Giving of the UBUNTU spirit of one love. Whoever you are, we at Culture Crew accept you and all we ask is that you be non-apologetic and authentically you.


An acoustic soul-pop band with island vibes who lead with a movement. We aim to impact the world through the collision of the two most influential universal languages; music and love. We are a group that promotes a CULTURE of love, belief, happiness and living authentic to yourself. I AM. YOU ARE. WE ARE. BE LOVE. BE YOU. Schultz and Watene are like us; they have faced their fair share of struggles and heartbreaks but it is through those moments that they were able to rise up and are now able to influence and inspire others through their music. They call themselves Culture Crew because they create a culture of love into brands, events and every situation they cross paths with love and acceptance.


"I rather be exhausted with a purpose than rested without a purpose." We aim to spread love to all those we meet. One of the ways we do that is through our BE LOVE AND INFLUENCE events. From visiting sick children in the hospital and spreading love and joy, to clothing and feeding the homeless in each city we visit on tour with Lantern Fest. It isn't about us, it is about the difference we can make in each person's life that we meet. As single dads, we are passionate about children's lives. We are launching our Water Projects Program through BE LOVE AND INFLUENCE. Recently we spent our time in the Dominican Republic installing water filters to families and school villages in the rural parts of the country. A child dies every 60 seconds from a waterborne illness; having clean water to drink should be a basic human right and we are on a mission to give all humans who don't have that option- the option.


Culture Crew believes that no matter your walk-of-life, orientation, race, age or religion, humans are on this Earth to love and be loved. In a world positive and negative help us spread a lot of love to everyone we meet. Together we can rise up, influence and inspire others through our music and our movement. YOU DO YOU.





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