TEXT TOPIC: Who's the family member who helps you with strings attatched?

Who's the person in your family that gives or loans you stuff with strings attached? 

my dad offers to pay tuition for me and then holds it over my head for years. I'm grateful and I got good grades but it looks over me

g-pa has control of our inheritance from his parents. Asked for my $ for down payment on house and got it as loan w/ 10% interest. Give me my $$!

My parents have offered to match every payment I made towards my law school loans. I’m grateful, but they now feel entitled to know how I’m spending ALL of my money, and even think it gives them the right to have a say in my love life b/c marriage has an element of finances to it. It’s almost made it a curse because it’s hurt our relationship, instead of a blessing.

My brother gave my kids his old xbox 4 xmas saying they had to keep it @ my mom's house when we didn't he threaten 2 call the cops saying it was stolen

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