TEXT TOPIC: What passive/aggressive comment do you have for someone?

What passive/aggressive comment do you have for someone? 

Things have not been the same between us since I dropped the word illegal and you were so offended and I don’t like things being weird between us because you are my favorite! I will never be the person that is always politically correct so just except me as I am.

You are the reason why i hate group projects get off your lazy a and do your part. It's due at 3 today

You are a psycho, narcissistic, poor excuse for a mom and mother in law, you are NOT grandma of the year, and everyday I pray you will just disappear cause I can’t stand you and oh, neither can your "baby boy." I know you’re listening right now too and I hope you hear this.

Keep complaining about how miserable pregnancy is to me, your infertile friend. Of course I don't want to Vulcan punch 

You're in management, now quit showing favoritism. Everyone can see it.

How about you take a shower, brush your teeth. And just letting you know no one likes u. Sorry not sorry

I’m really tired of how negative you are, and you have something bad to say about everyone. Not everything has to be done on your terms, and you think it’s everyone who is the problem but it’s really you

Coworker needs to find another job. She Doesn’t know her job, constant mistakes that we have to fix. She’s too worried about everyone else’s business to worry about her job. GTFO

Pick up the friggin' night drops!!! you're the first one in the office stop waiting around to be told to do it.

My son says to the 6th grader who made fun of my blue nail polish I hope I'm not as self absorbed as you when I grow up

Quit trying to copy my hair! But if ur gonna, here's a hint... don't comb it flat not leave it. U look like a shrunken head. Unbelievable

I can't get over the fact that one little snap changed the entire way you think of me. We're not even friends anymore. >:/

You're incompetent and selfish af. You suck!

All dog owners... NO one wants to listen to your dog bark, at least attempt to shut it up! & don't let your dog crap in others yard!

Hey mean girls at work: just stop it. We're all adults, stop creating drama and act your age.

You don't work and have all the time in the world. You don't see your own daughter and you are missing out on your amazing granddaughter's life.

You whine about not being friends?! Maybe if you would have been a friend after my divorce instead of asking for my 401k we would talk. Bonus I don’t come to your kids parties because you just want free gift

Wish you would treat me as good as you do your kids. Time to be honest with yourself and realize you show them too much.

To my S.O.B. neighbors: stop traumatizing my family! If you have a problem with my pets or kids, TELL ME instead of waiting till the problem is too big and you end up calling the authorities.

Stop talking crap. I stopped talking to you to avoid lies and drama spread about my family. If you can’t stop making up crap, Do us both a favor if you hear my name plug your ears. I''m tired of hearing outlandish lies you have spread about us!!! #overit

Don’t be saying to us you aren’t in a place to be a "good friend" delete us, then post in mom group about how you need friends! Why’d you push away the 2 you had? Oh and don’t add me on snap to tell me you miss me but won’t do shiz to fix anything. Grow up.

You're my bridesmaids. Its not about YOU or your feelings it should be about the bride. Stop fighting your ruining my excitement! Get along your grown adult women. This is an extra stress I don’t need

I am done with your controlling behavior and emotional issues when you don’t get your way

I hope you get dumped so that you realize I was a better friend than your partner thought I was I miss you

Mom, I love you, I love it when you visit. But I am capable of cleaning my own damn house when you are here.

For F's sake man up I've forgiven 40k in back child support and now your 8k in arrears again how hard is it to support yr kids?

It was your idea to plan a wedding before you proposed...wedding dates creeping up. PROPOSE ALREADY.

My male general manager told me that if I had a penis and was Mormon I would go far in this company. I WANTED to say if you had a vagina you’d have the courage to tell them how screwed up that is !

Your daughter had 3 seizures and is hospitalized overnight. You don't show up or visit. Your bird is taken to an ER vet and you rush to be with it

you borrow money from me and I see that you're on vacation where's my 2 grand

it's a phone pick it up and use it

also being angry, controlling and bossy isn't becoming. You're better than that.

ur the most crap ass sister ever u & ur whole family suck! stop playing the victim it's not everyone else! Clearly it's U!!

After 20+ Years you think you would know how to do your job. How about you do your F''n job & be a damn Director. Also stop complaining that you have NO money...you make triple what the rest of us make.

seriously can’t stand the sound of you smacking your dentures in your mouth oh and by the way our 25-year-old receptionist will not go out with you you’re 70 years old come on man

you are holding something against me I said in the shock of finding out my father died very suddenly 2 years ago. Get over it cousin or not you’re toxic and I’m done

I didn’t realize they taught law in beauty school or dental hygienist school, but since you didn’t finish either, I guess we’ll take the word of our lawyer instead.

I thought I liked you. Than I found out how many dates you go on and I won’t ever think of you the same because all that come to mind is the 2pac song I Get Around.

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