TEXT TOPIC: Did someone ring shame you?

7 yrs ago my roommate saw my sapphire ring after I got engaged and with no excitement said "do you like it?" FU I still love it.

hubby got me a small engagement ring so he could continue to save for the bigger/fancier ring I wanted for our wedding day. Got so much hate for that.

My ring an opal, my favorite stone ever! I’m . Simple, totally me. When. My mom saw in person for the first time she said what!?!? That’s it?!?!? no diamonds!?!?! I just told her I didn’t want diamonds and I really like my opal. I’m not bouji like you.

My ring is a 3/4 carat diamond and I’ve been told he should have gotten a bigger stone! WTH? This is his family diamond that’s nearly 200 years old and has more culture than you, YOU SWINE!

Wore a simple gold band on R hand when engaged (as is tradition in Brazil, hubby is Brazilian). Got flack from friends n family that he didn’t buy me a diamond. Happily Married 13 yrs, still no diamond, no problem.

we got engaged on the fly, he didn't have a ring-we bought an $11 costume ring. I love it but get shiz for it being fake

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