Furry Friday with Frankie!

Furry Friday

Every Friday 97.1 ZHT is teaming up with the Humane Society of Utah and Mountain West Veterinary Specialists to highlight one deserving furry friend for Furry Friday with Frankie. Tune in at 9:40 every Friday to Frankie & Jess to hear about the weekly pet looking for a fur-ever home.


Sex: Female

Primary Breed: Labrador Retriever

Color: Black

Age: 7 YEARS

Unfortunately I came to HSU with no previous history. Fortunately I have been given a chance for a new life. Although my history is a mystery, I have been successfully housed with dogs my size here. My history with kids & cats is still unknown.

I will need regular training to keep me mentally sharp. Staff suggests practicing known commands, learning new commands & routines in your home. Puzzle toys & KONGs are highly recommended. Also daily physical exercise is a must to keep me happy & healthy. A tired dog is a happy dog & I'm less likely to develop unwanted behaviors.

I'm a dog & like routines. Staff also strongly recommends clicker & reward based training along with proper crate training to ensure house manners in my new home. I would do best on a feeding schedule, ask a staff member for more information.

If you would like to take me out for a walk, please notify an Adoption Counselor. Also ask if there is any additional information you should know about me. Please introduce me to your current canine companion(s) & entire family/housemates prior to adoption to make sure we are a great fit.

For additional support after adoption, please contact HSU's Behavior Department by emailbehavior@utahhumane.orgor phone 801-506-2417.

If you're interested in adopting this weeks pet or any other animal from the Humane society please follow this link: 


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Frankie and Jess

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