TEXT TOPIC: Do you wanna say thank you to someone?

I want to say thank you to my dad. Even though we haven't had the best relationship, you're the example I always try to be.

My family. Husband and I are going through a separation, they have been so supportive and understanding of both sides.

Thank you mom (Dixie) for always believing in me even when I was an unruly teen. Paid for my schooling, helped with my first house, loves my stepson and daughter the same. Love you Mommy!

I want to thank David and Grace, I don't have siblings and my biological parents passed away when I was 4 and my parents had no extended family either....

and I just want to Thank David and Grace with the bottom of my heart for raising me into the man my parents wanted me to be. They were close friends with my parents. I m 17 and got accepted to the U.

I would love you to send a big Thank You out to my wife Becky Hardcastle, she has taken care of me Soley while I have fought Cancer 2x''s in the last2 years spend every night in the hospital with me (+/-200 days) and held a full time job the whole time. She is my reason to fight and every once of mysuccess''s when they come. Thanks She deserves the world.

Thank you to my friends who have become my family. Always here for me in good and bad

Thanks to my hubby for stepping up lately to help with lots of running with our kids for me to take another job to get out of the house a bit more love you

Thank you to my hubby for dealing with me during this pregnancy. He's been everything and more for. Love you honey

Thank you Jeremy for carrying he computer downstairs. Love you mean it!!!

the whole 5th grade team at Syracuse arts academy. From the recess aides. Thanks for treating us with respect and being so nice.

Thank you to my good husband who is so generous and hardworking. We have 5 girls together and that is not always easy, but he is patient and always tries to communicate with me even when I''m emotional at time. I really appreciate him.

I wanna say thanks to you guys for always making my work mornings better. When do we get to hear the Ambien song again though!!???

My 4th grade teacher Ms. Purvis. Don't know if she's still teaching. Growing up with absent parents, She made such a difference in my life.

My hubby. He's been taking charge at home lately w/kids homework, dinner &new baby while my work load increased. Making life a little easier

My name is Elijah :) and can I just say one more thing. I was listening yesterday, and Kylie's voice is really pretty. And she's a beautiful girl as well

I'd like to say a Big Thank You to my Mom! She is no longer with us, She was a great and positive influence in my life and think of her a lot. Thanks Ma!!

I want to say thank you to my mom. She takes amazing care of my special needs daughter everyday. Also by doing this she allows me to pursue my career and I am so grateful

Thank you mom and dad for helping me pay for the wedding and supporting me even though it''s been hard. I haven’t been the best child but my parents endlessly love me

Want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for life

Thanks to my beautiful wife for carrying our child and taking care of our 7 year old while working full time. Even know she sore and in pain!

Thank you to my husband Ryan! You have been so supportive and patient with me lately. I love you and you mean the world to me.

thank you to the woman who pulled out in front of me in October. Because of the crash, the Dr's discovered a tumor in my kidney. May have saved my life.

Thanks to my husband for the every morning kisses and "I love you"s! Always a great start to my day

Thanks to Sheena and all the other teachers at lots a tots 2, who take care of my kids. You guys are amazing and I’m grateful I have someone I trust to care for my babies. Clark and zoey love you guys!

Thank you to my husband who knows me better than I know myself sometimes and recognized I had PPD. He encouraged me to talk to my dr. and I feel so much better now!

Want to say Thank you to my son in laws, Tyler and Rusty for being the greatest daddies to my grandkids.....wish my girls would have had a daddy like them.

Thanks to my little boy who said my makeup looks cute today!

Want to say thank you to all my family and friends for being so caring and loving to my son who has autism

Want to say thanks to my hubby. I'm not the most pleasant mom or wife at times and he just goes with the flow, tells me he loves me

Would like to say thank you to my mom and husband. They have worked hard to get us under contract to buy my grandmas old house.I m shocked my mom wants us to have it but we will be closing the end of the month. I m so excited to own our first home.

Want to thank my mom for being by my side while being in the process of adopting my niece. I know it’s been hard for my mom to support both daughters. Just doing a hard best for my niece

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