TEXT TOPIC: What do you think we look like?

What do you think we look like?

I thought Jessica was black when I first started listening 4 years ago. Thought Frankie was a hot guy in his 20s

I've met jess and know what she looks like but when I listen I still picture someone else in my head.

I've seen Jess and Franky, but never Wayne or Kylie--until recently I saw Wayne...he's a cute kid, but I tooootally thought he was black ;)

Kylie probably looks like a little girl because of how often she says "like"

Wayne sounds like a highly attractive clean cut perfect colored skin light eye kind of guy

frankie Dark Brown hair, Wayne tall black man, Jessica I pictured look like Brooke from 106

used to always envision Jessica being a big boob blonde babe.

always thought that Jessica was this redhead girl just like Donna from That 70 show

feel like Wayne would be a mix of drew hill and the weekend

Wayne looks exactly like I imagined. Kylie sounds like a 4, but really she's a smoking 8. Frankie is superman and Jess is my mom. I love you guys!

Frankie looks like Ryan c crest but more dirty minded. Jess looks like a model with perfect hair and skin.

I always picture you guys in your mid 20s. Even though I’ve heard you talk about your ages. And I pictured Frankie with brown hair before I looked at your fb

I thought Wayne looked like an overweight black dude similar to the dad from family matters. When I seen him my heart sank! Hottie

Jess has to be like a loreal commercial model with her hair but a little plus sized with how she talks but with this beautiful face.

I think Kylie is super short and cute in a bring home to mom way

I always pictured Frankie with a majestic mullet. Always rocked a led zepplen muscle shirt jeans and a 76' cuda

Wayne 1st day on thought he was some Guido with a gold chain lol seen a pic he's a babe n he loves cats it's a + lol thought Kyle was a buff dude nope lol

thought Jess an older smoker type with 80's hair n Frankie is cuter than pictured. Kylie a mousie nerd w glasses n Wayne white

FRANKIE looks EXACTLY like Max from catfish!!!

thought wayne looked like the weekend

Frankie is very "Clooneyesque" yep, I went there!

totally had no idea Jess was tall!! Always figured Kylie was tall! Mind blown!


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Frankie and Jess

Frankie and Jess

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