TEXT TOPIC: What did your crazy ex do?

my ex husband loosened all the lug nuts on all my new husband's tires. He drove home on the freeway and almost lost all 4 tires and wrecked.

had an ex try to fight my new man in the bar. And my new guy is a couple feet taller than him! Security ended up escorting him outside and he stayed out there for another hour waiting for me to come out so that he can try and talk to me. After that night i never talked to him again, but he did go back to my house because he still had a key to my place and destroyed everything.


my ex sucker punched my amazing husband at our sons little league baseball game. My husband need surgery on his nose total a-hole

my ex told me he could find someone to kill my ex husband about 2 years later he killed his gf & got away with it for over a year! He confessed.

my ex found my spare key and barged into my apartment while I had a guy I was dating over. Ex introduced himself as my boyfriend and then left. Guy I was dating was freaked out. We''re married now and laugh about that dumb ass all the time.

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